Residential Window Cleaning in Victoria, Texas

Brighten Your Home, Brighten Your Day

Enhance your home’s natural beauty with crystal-clear windows. At 10x Curb Appeal, we provide thorough window cleaning that not only improves your view but also protects your investment.
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Don't Let Stains and Smudges Spoil Your View

Dirty windows can make your home feel less inviting and obscure the beautiful Texas scenery. Over time, buildup can also damage the glass and frames, leading to costly repairs. With 10x Curb Appeal, wave goodbye to dirt, fingerprints, and weather marks. Our residential window cleaning services in Victoria ensure your windows are spotless and streak-free, enhancing both the brightness and ambiance of your home. Enjoy the view and the peace of mind that comes with our professional touch.

Experience the 10x Curb Appeal Difference

Quality service with a personal touch.

Enhanced Home Aesthetics

Clean windows can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home, boosting curb appeal and increasing its market value.

Improved Indoor Quality

Regular window cleaning helps reduce allergens and dust that can accumulate on glass surfaces, promoting a healthier home environment.

Protection Against Window Damage

Our cleaning service helps extend the life of your windows by removing corrosive contaminants that can cause long-term damage.

Tailored to Your Home

Precision cleaning with your home in mind.

Gentle Cleaning Methods

We use soft brushes and specially formulated cleaners to protect your windows and frames, ensuring they are cleaned without risk of damage.

Privacy and Respect

Our professional team is trained to respect your privacy and property, ensuring a discreet and efficient cleaning process.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy lifestyle, ensuring our services are delivered at a time that’s convenient for you.

Our Cleaning Process

From consultation to sparkling finish.

Initial Consultation

We assess your home and windows to provide a personalized quote based on your specific needs and preferences.

Thorough Cleaning

Our skilled technicians clean your windows using the latest techniques and tools, ensuring a thorough clean with no streaks or residue.

Satisfaction Follow-Up

We follow up with you to ensure complete satisfaction with our services and to discuss any additional needs or adjustments.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Ready to Transform Your Home’s Windows?

Clear windows are just a click away. Enhance your home with the clarity only professional cleaning can provide.

Quick Answers for Your Convenience

Efficiently addressing your concerns.
We recommend cleaning your windows at least twice a year to maintain clarity and protect them from the elements.
Yes, all our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and safe for homes with pets and children.
Yes, we can clean both the windows and the screens, ensuring your entire window setup is immaculate.
We operate Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 7 PM, and Sundays from 1 PM to 7 PM.

Your trusted partner for pristine residential windows.

Victoria, Texas

Jason Pruit

Owner of 10X Curb Power Washing

10X Curb Appeal Power Washing is proudly owned and operated by Jason Pruit!

Pruit works hard to provide first-class service on every project he is called to tackle. Jason is no stranger to demanding jobs, in fact, he welcomes the challenge! You can often find him in the field interacting with customers as he feels his business should be centered around trust and client satisfaction.

A native Victorian, Jason has spent his whole life right here in the Crossroads. Jason is a proud Victoria High School Fighting Sting and an alumnus of Victoria College. Before entering the power washing industry, Pruit spent 15 years as a welder; he often cites his eye for detail and precision in his current industry from his time spent welding. 

When he’s not on a job, you can find Jason surrounded by family and friends. He has been married to his wife of 15 years, Tracy, since 2008. The couple share a pair of twins, Adalyn and Liam; the pair are often right by Dad’s side ready to lend a helping hand. After a long day at work, you are almost guaranteed to find Jason with his loved ones enjoying a Texas Rangers game. 

Jason’s work ethic and careful eye for detail make 10X Curb Appeal Power Washing the perfect fit to handle all your power washing needs!