The 10X Team is Making Christmas
Merry and Bright!

Christmas light installation and removal in the Crossroads

Is your home or business looking dull and dirty? Has algae and other debris taken over your exterior? Let 10X Curb Appeal Power Washing get your property looking as good as new!


Why risk electrocution or fire so close to the holidays? For proper installation of Christmas lights, trust 10X Curb Appeal Power Washing! Contact our team today for your free consultation!


While your buddies might do a great job at installing lights for you, one of the main reasons why you should use a professional is in the event of an accident, we are an insured entity.

For the 10X Curb Appeal Power Washing team, safety is our top priority. If the weather is bad during the scheduled time of your installation or removal, we will gladly reschedule your service for a later date to ensure the safety of our team and your home.

Nope! Our team will provide your home with all the necessary materials for your project.

If you run into any issues regarding the lights we have installed for you, please give our team a call at 361-655-0742.

Other Residential Services

Turf Painting

Is your drought-damaged turf becoming an eye sore? Call 10x Curb Appeal today to see if turf painting is the right fix for you and your lawn.

Jason Pruit

Owner of 10X Curb Power Washing

10X Curb Appeal Power Washing is proudly owned and operated by Jason Pruit!

Pruit works hard to provide first-class service on every project he is called to tackle. Jason is no stranger to demanding jobs, in fact, he welcomes the challenge! You can often find him in the field interacting with customers as he feels his business should be centered around trust and client satisfaction.

A native Victorian, Jason has spent his whole life right here in the Crossroads. Jason is a proud Victoria High School Fighting Sting and an alumnus of Victoria College. Before entering the power washing industry, Pruit spent 15 years as a welder; he often cites his eye for detail and precision in his current industry from his time spent welding. 

When he’s not on a job, you can find Jason surrounded by family and friends. He has been married to his wife of 15 years, Tracy, since 2008. The couple share a pair of twins, Adalyn and Liam; the pair are often right by Dad’s side ready to lend a helping hand. After a long day at work, you are almost guaranteed to find Jason with his loved ones enjoying a Texas Rangers game. 

Jason’s work ethic and careful eye for detail make 10X Curb Appeal Power Washing the perfect fit to handle all your power washing needs!